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Physiotherapy Services Edmonton

You are able to come for an appointment at any time with or without a referral from your family doctor. Keep in mind though, in order to utilize your work benefits, get direct billing, etc, you may need to get a Medical Doctors’ prescription. Please call your health benefit plan to confirm what you require to utilize your benefit plan. Services at West Edmonton Physiotherapy are listed below.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy at West Edmonton Physiotherapy entails a plan of physical activities that are designed for you to help with your specific problem. Exercise therapy is designed to help you with very specific therapeutic goals to return you to maximum pre-injury state.

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Your team of healthcare rehab professionals is experienced in the treatment of many conditions. From pre to post surgery rehabilitation from athletic injuries to chronic back conditions, practitioners at West end Physiotherapy are trained to diagnose and treat your sprains and strains.

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Stretch Therapy

Stretch Therapy is a form of treatment used at West End Physiotherapy that stretches your muscles in a regimented way, remodeling the support fascia to help reduce scar tissue, strengthens muscle by creating improved muscle filament contact, relaxes muscle spasms and increases the overall flexibilit…

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Chiropractic, massage, and physio: to bring our clients a better state of wellness.

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